Why HotelsZapp ?

All in one centralized hotel management system to minimize work and maximize the success of your business.

The right choice for hoteliers to flourish their business by streamlining all administrative processes in a professional manner.

We integrated all services which help and enhance the experience of clients with the hotel brand.


Cloud Based System

Its cloud-based technology provides updated data and allows access everywhere including offline mode.

Appealing Interface

Hotelszapp offers simple, intuitive and responsive user interfaces that let users get things done swiftly.

Digitized Reports

Its digitized reports eradicates the need for creating backup copies, thus enhances the eco-friendly quotient.

Easy to Use

HotelsZapp’s increased accessibility and user-friendly dashboards make it intuitive in its functioning.

Quick & Easy Setup

As it is completely web-based, all you need is a machine with any type of browser. Thus it brings significant cost reduction.

Customer Support

We are just one phone call away! Get your complex issues resolved as our developers are always there to assist you.


HotelsZapp is an all-in-one hotel management web application developed with a vision to improve the hospitality industry. If you’re looking for a solution that integrates all features in a hotel then HotelsZapp is the best choice. It’s suitable for hotels of all sizes, in all destinations and eliminates the need for hoteliers to be physically present at their property to check daily management operations.

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